Make Your Bike Theft-Proof in 5 Steps

According to City Lab, half of all active cyclists have their bicycles stolen. Worse, only 2.4% of these bikes are recovered. The fact is bike theft will always exist. It’s all up to us to do what we can to theft-proof our beloved two-wheels.

We’ve learned from Road Bike Adventure how to maintain our bikes better. Now, we’re going to cover new ground by sharing tips on making your bike theft-proof.

Register your bike

The majority of stolen bikes are never recovered because they weren’t registered. This makes it doubly hard for the authorities to do their work. That being said, one of the best means of securing your bike is to register it. You can do it via the National Bike Registry or the National Cycle Database. It’s an easy process that won’t take long.
Once you’ve got your bike registered, some bike producers or authorities provide you with a tag that has your unique frame number on it. We highly recommend putting it in your ride for further security.

Lock it where you can see it

You shouldn’t just lock your bike into something solid. You should also lock it somewhere visible. It doesn’t matter how busy or quiet the area is. What counts is you should be able to see it easily.

It would also be ideal to lock your bicycle somewhere other people can see it. Sometimes, the most isolated areas are the most tempting to thieves. This way, there are more probable witnesses should something unfortunate happens.

Invest in a really, really good lock

No bike lock is theft-proof. However, the more intricate your lock is, the more difficult it is for thieves to steal your bike. That’s why we always recommend investing on a really good lock. These locks are often expensive but it’s far better than making your bike more vulnerable than it already is.

There are tons of bike locks around. They also come in various designs like chains, U-locks, cables and so forth. Our best bets are the Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Mini and OnGuard 8020 Mastiff. You may feel the burn in your pocket but like everyone says, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Secure your bike parts

Bike thieves often know a good bike part when they see one. They may not have the time to work around your bike lock. However, they can steal your seat or pedal. That’s why you also have to secure the other components on your ride.

For one, the Seatylock takes saddle security to a whole new level. Once you park your bike, the saddle extends into a meter-long chain of hardened steel links. It’s topped with a tough key lock that makes your bike and saddle hard to steal.

Turn to technology

Modern technology has gifted us with means to amplify bike security. An example of which is the beloved SpyBike GPS Tracker. When your bike is stolen, the sensor initiates a system wherein you are given SMS updates as to where it is. It relies on the vibration caused by the bike moving. As long as your bike is moving, you know where to find it.

Bike theft may be at an all time high now. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t secure yours better. Consider these tips so you have peace of mind.


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